Meramec Capital

Meramec Capital

An investment that focuses on single-family, multi-family, including land assets and opportunity zones to generate retirement cash flow and provide tax benefits.

Let me show you how investing in Meramec Capital can help you achieve your financial goals while providing you with a passive investment service.

What We Invest In

Meramec Capital is dedicated to educating and guiding prospective investors so that they can
understand our diverse portfolio of investment opportunities. Greg Belger Jr. have a
combined 30+ years, worth of experience in a multitude of investment-related fields, including
retirement planning strategies, real estate investment (both urban and residential), urban development,
and insurance planning. They combine these talents and knowledge to form the backbone of their
carefully crafted financial and investment advice.

$25 - 100M

Transaction Size

A / B

Multifamily Asset Size

90% +

Occupancy Size

7% +

Cash-on-Cash Returns


Debt Coverage Ratio

3 - 5 Years

Average Hold Time

Our Process

Property Criteria

Property Criteria

– Single-family and multifamily units
– Opportunity Zones
– Undervalued Land Assets

Acquisition Practices

Acquisition Practices

 – Through networking with local realtors and developers, Meramec Capital builds and expands on relationships at industry events, conferences, investor dinners, and webinars.
– Our experienced team sees beyond what an opportunity is to what it can be in the future, tapping into properties and lands with unrealized growth potential for our investors.

Investment Disciple

Investment Disciple

– With decades of experience between our two partners, our selection process has been thoroughly refined, identifying risk factors, and favorable demand characteristics, as well as analyzing various benefits to each real estate investment opportunity.
– With a focus on retirement planning, financial services, urban planning, and real estate investment, Meramec Capital has depth and breadth to our investment strategies.

Unique Approach

Unique Approach

– Meramec Capital utilizes its cultivated understanding of financial services and real estate investment to identify underutilized real property assets. Unrealized growth potential is one of the leading factors in diminished cash flow. By tapping into this flaw and building on this potential, our strategy maximizes cash flow while minimizing investor risk.

Strong Pipeline

Strong Pipeline

– Across four states, hundreds of opportunity zones are waiting to be tapped into, and multiple single-family and multifamily units have unrealized potential to bolster investment portfolios. Our team has a discerning eye for potential investments and is constantly evaluating new

What Are Real Estate Syndications?

Real estate syndications offer a game-changing opportunity for investors to join forces and unlock the potential of high-value real estate projects. By pooling resources with like-minded investors, you gain access to lucrative opportunities that promise impressive returns. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a world of wealth-building possibilities with real estate syndications!

Our Investments

Meramec Capital offers a variety of services and investment opportunities for our investors. With 30+ years of experience, Derrick Hibbler and Greg Belger Jr. and their dedicated team are here to assist you as you venture into this next chapter and become an investor with an eye on the future.

Single Point Of Contact

– Meramec Capital provides all our clients with a single point of contact dedicated to helping them navigate the investment process from beginning to end. This builds a unique relationship between us and our clients, enabling us to impart our advice and years of experience to provide quick, expert
responses to your questions.

Innovative Technology

– No fund can be managed without accurate information and data upon which to base decisions, and Meramec Capital is dedicated to keeping current with the latest technology platforms to streamline a concise, user-friendly experience.

Investor Relations

– Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your investment opportunities by building and maintaining relationships. From the moment you contact us through the onboarding process to the data analysis reporting to the quarterly distributions, we provide the tools and information you need.

Diverse Portfolios

– Meramec Capital offers a diverse investment portfolio focused on single-family and multifamily real estate options and opportunity zones to maximize returns. Our team keeps itself updated on clients’ needs and expectations so they never feel out of the loop.


– Meramec Capital is geared towards marketing new and existing investment opportunities by creating high-quality blog posts, whitepapers, and monthly webinars. Our partners have a wealth of experience behind them in financial planning, retirement planning, urban development, and real estate investment.